Expanded ASEAN Maritime Forum (EAMF) Workshop (31 May – 2 June 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam)

Tuesday 29th June, 2021

The Maritime Boundary Office was invited to attend the Expanded ASEAN Maritime Forum (EAMF) workshop on 31 May – 2 June 2016 in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was a continuation of the first EAMF workshop which was held in August 2015 in Indonesia.

The theme of the workshop was “International Law and Best Practices in Maritime Boundary Delimitation and Provisional Arrangements of a Practical Nature”.

The panellists featured the world leading experts in the international law of the sea and analysed in great depth the United Nations Conventions on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) Articles 74(3) and 83(3) and recent developments related to the international law of the sea. In addition various case studies were scrutinized such as Timor Sea Treaties, Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, and East Asian arrangements (Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan).

The event was co-hosted by the US Department of State and Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in collaboration with the Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore and Australia, National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security, University of Wollongong.

EAMF Workshop