Fireside chat on UNCLOS Compulsory Conciliation: The Timor-Leste v. Australia Maritime Boundary Dispute (10 February 2017, National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Tuesday 29th June, 2021

Maritime Boundary Office attended a fireside chat that was hosted by Professor S Jayakumar and Professor Tommy Koh with Professor Robert Beckman and Dr HaoDuy Phan as panellists. The discussion focused on the Compulsory Conciliation between Timor-Leste and Australia, touching on the specifics of UNCLOS and the law of the sea. The panellists agreed that whilst Conciliation could not serve every dispute, the Conciliation proceedings between Timor-Leste and Australia appeared to be progressing successfully and could have an impact on dispute resolution around the world in the future.

The session attracted 60 participants from diplomats, government officials, businessmen and academics.

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